Academic excellence, critical thinking abilities, and technological competence enable students to develop communication and cooperation skills that empower them to assume a vital role in society.

Students in Grade Prek-6 establish a foundation of life skills and learning to propel them on their faith filled life journey.


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Religion will be taught each school day by the classroom teacher. We use the "Call to Faith" textbook series. This program offers a learning process that fully engages students families and teachers at all levels of experience.


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Mathematics is taught in all grades. We use the new Scott Foresman textbook series called enVision, which incorporates both traditional paper-based methods. As well as technologically-enhanced, web-based methods.


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Reading is taught in all grades. We use the Houghton Mifflin textbook series.


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Music is taught by a certified music instructor three days a week. Students perform in a variety of programs throughout the year.

Physical Education

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Physical education is taught four days a week. Course content covers a wide variety of both group and individual activities.


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The Cathedral school has a library which is open to all students. The Crookston Public Library is integrated into the curriculum for use by the students.

For more information or to ask questions on these or other school education programs, please contact Principal Patricia Jones at (218) 281-1835.